Brandon Guitar Gallery features a fine selection of new and used guitars.

We are an exclusive Samick & Greg Bennett dealer. 
You cannot find these guitars at the big box stores.
Why not in the big stores? They want these fine instruments represented 
by knowledgeable musicians and store owners, not a part time teenager.

Better wood, better workmanship, better tone!
More guitar for your money! Guitars to fit any price range,
 come hear and feel the difference!

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Silvertone, Applause Black, Applause Ruby,  Greg Bennett D2, Greg Bennett D5CE, Greg Bennett ASDR


J.R. Reynolds
Greg Bennett Beginner models
Jasmine by Takamine
San Mateo - children size & colors


Greg Bennett Beginner & Intermediates
Applause by Ovation
Jasmine by Takamine


Greg Bennett Intermediates with electronics
Greg Bennett Classicals with electronics
Applause by Ovation with electronics
Jasmine by Takamine with electronics


Greg Bennett Pro models with electronics
Greg Bennett Classicals with electronics


Quality workmanship, high quality woods and tone speak for themselves.
Currently in stock, solid spruce tops, solid cedar tops, all solid top-back-side models. 
Only at Brandon Guitar Gallery

Dozens of Takamine Jasmines, Greg Bennett's & Ovation Appplause Sold!  Thanks Brandon!