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Full Service Music Store

* Guitars * Amps * Keyboards * Drums * P.A. * Band & Orchestra


 The big stores want you to purchase or rent high
dollar instruments for your child. Don’t be fooled!

* Rentals from $20 per month
 * Reasonable prices on beginner and intermediate models
 * New and Used instruments for purchase
 * Layaways and Payment plans
 * Brand name school approved instruments
 * Check our prices, much lower than big box stores!

 Family owned, in the retail music business since 1976!

We offer reasonable prices on new and used instruments. Purchase or rental band and orchestra instruments. Don’t buy or rent a high priced instrument for a new student. We have great student instruments!

Band & Orchestra Instruments

G&L Guitars
Leo Fender’s redesigned guitar brand. New improved electronics, dual fulcrum bridges. Tribute import models and USA models available. All have USA pickups and hardware! Known for tone, come check one out!